Armory Functions and Usage Overview

In order to clarify the results of various functions of the armory and the rules regarding their implementation, this document has been created. Described in detail below are the armory and security functions as well as Outpost10f Command Headquarters.


The armory contains various functions; some can be used to remove or ban troublemakers, while others are simply present to make Ten Forward more enjoyable. The armory functions include hand held weapons, custom throws, body functions and the main weapons array. The above are described below:

Body Functions

Gives the user the ability to kick, punch, moon, spit at or slap a violator.

Custom Throw

Allows the user to throw an object of his/her choice at a violator.

Handheld Weapons

Here you may choose either a phaser, blaster, or sword depending on your selected genre. There are four levels of armory for each of these weapons (five counting the thermal detonator/photon grenade/Fire of Orthanc) - each level does essentially the same thing for all respective weapons.
  • Level one hand held weapons - simply prints a message on the message board.
  • Level two hand held weapons - "bump" a violator out to the main login site.
  • Level three hand held weapons - temporarily ban a violator.
  • Level four hand held weapons - temporarily ban a violator as well as his/her Command Code.
  • Level five weapons (overload) - bumps all the occupants out to the login page.

Main Weapons Array

This weapon permanently bans a computer from entering Ten Forward.

Of course not everyone is permitted to use the armory...

When the armory is used a colored message will be printed on the message board for all to see.

There are some simple rules everyone must follow when using the armory. This includes senior officers as well.

  1. The armory is present to prevent the occupants of any OTF chatroom from violating the prime directives, as well as halting anyone from attempting to hack TF. It has also some entertainment values - however it should never be overused.

  2. If there is a violator in the room, use the following procedures:
    1. Notify the violator verbally that his/her actions are inappropriate.
    2. If the behaviour continues, report to senior officer (Lt. Cmdr. and above) or use the level 2 armory if you have access.
    3. If the behaviour continues, use the brig (Commanders and above).
    4. If the behaviour continues, report to the admirals.

  3. No impersonating another officer through the armory - we know who uses the armory so you can never impersonate someone without being detected.

  4. If a higher ranking officer asks to take charge of the situation, allow him/her to decide the appropriate course of action against the violator - do not then use the armory against the violator without the superior officer's permission.

External Security

The external security option does the same thing as a level three hand held weapons. It will temporarily ban a computer from entering the chatroom. Commanders and above have access to this function. When this function is executed a colored message will appear on the message board notifying the occupants that the violator has been escorted to the brig. Note: If you use the external security option on someone that is till inside the chat, it will ban their IP, but not remove them from the chat itself.

Outpost10F HeadQuarters

All senior officers (Lt. Cmdr. and above) have access to Outpost10F Headquarters. Once your command code has been authorized you will be linked to a list of available options for your clearance level. From the command menu you are able to visit the Fleet Admiral's Office where you may chat in privacy with other senior officers, gain access to the function used to add messages to the alert status board, the search engine, and several statistical files containing useful information.

Edited by Zildjian 18 August 2013